Sunday, January 17, 2010

Honey Brown in the X Dimension

Abducted, rocketed into space, transported to another dimension, and crashed on an alternate Earth, the sole survivor of our doomed planet is Honey Brown... booty model, pop star, space girl!

It's Barbarella by way of Flash Gordon, in this lesbionic pulp serial with a talking sentient space-suited curvalicious Earth girl.


It's 300 meets Conan, as Spartan history gets a crazy fantasy rewrite, with a story told from the embelished first person perspective of the She-Spartan herself!

Legend tells how 300 Spartans stood their ground against the entire Persian army, but there is another, perhaps even greater Spartan legend, that until now remained untold...
The tales of a female Spartan warrior, who was possibly the greatest to ever raise a shield... Cast out, left for dead, and tasked with roaming lands far and wide, against impossible foes... This is the legend of The She-Spartan!

She-Spartan pinups by: Matt Metzler, and Jason Martin

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vegan Cavegirl

She's a jungle girl, but she doesn't eat meat!

Commander Bramble Lake, agent of A.R.S.E., fell through a temporal rift. Landing on a mysterious world, out of time, and lost in space, she became... Bramble the Vegan Cavegirl!

Vegan Cavegirl pinup by: Boo

Here's a look at a page from Vegan Cavegirl by Boo, Jukka Issakainen, and Jason Martin:


In 1942 Nazi Germany, a shadowy group, the SAU (the Secret Army of Uncreation) sets about trying to find and capture all the powerful relics and weapons of the world. Their agent is a disturbed young girl – Tabitha, who carry’s the curse of the Werewolf. Sent into dangerous territory to face monsters and mayhem, she hopes that by working for the Nazi’s, she can destroy them from within and regain her freedom… but perhaps at the expense of her sanity and soul.

It's BPRD with a Nazi were-girl in a war-horror serial.

Bewere silk screen poster by: Pete McDonough

Here's a look at a page from Bewere by Boo, Mendoza, and Martin:


Literally raised in a comic book shop by her father, a no good drug addict, and left to the shop's long boxes for guidance in her teen years... This goth girl becomes an actual comic book bad-girl when dad leaves her the shop, along with his mafia debts, transforming herself into Vampblade, her favorite character, a psychotic S&M killer with twin 30” blades, to protect herself and her home!!

A goth-horror vigilante comic book bad-girl come to life!

Vampblade pinup by: Justin Wayne


From creator Josh Howard (Dead@17, Ghostbusters) comes a new goth horror Pulp Girl!

Abducted as a child by a witch coven, tortured, and sacrificed on her 16th birthday... Xafira somehow survives, and now hunts the witches that wronged her!!

Stitches pinup by: Josh Howard

Here's a look at a page from Stitches by Josh Howard, Frank Rapoza, and Jason Martin:

Dusty Bunny

In the near future, the world has been taken over by a zombie plague... brought on by global warming, where one woman rides the new old west, armed only with her trademark crimson goggles, napalm six shooters, and zombie stallion, killing zombies for bounty!

It's Pale Rider meets Rom Spaceknight in a post-apocalyptic zombie western.

Dust Bunny pinup by: Johann Jaro

Here's a look at a page from Dust Bunny by Matt Goodmanson, Grant Gould, and Jason Martin:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Swiss Army Woman

Chocolate Barons, Evil Bankers, and Alien Clocks... all bent on world domination!!! Good thing the Swiss Army have a girl with every weapon, tool, or gadget their country requires... attached to her right thigh!

She is ANY tool the Swiss need, for any job her nation requires...

SAW pinups by: Hector Sevilla, and Chris Mullins

Here's a look at a page of a Swiss Army Woman story by Jason Martin and Nate Stockman: