Saturday, May 15, 2010

PULP GIRLS sketch cards

In production now, and releasing July 15th, 5finity will be producing Pulp Girls sketch cards in conjunction with the creators involved in the Pulp Girls project.

For those unfamiliar with sketch cards, they're hand drawn trading cards, often included in trading card sets as rare cards... 2.5x3.5" pieces of original artwork. 5finity is a sketch card company that solely produces sketch cards, selling the highly desirable original art cards directly to collectors, as opposed to making customers buy a whole case of trading cards to get a single sketch card.

5finity keeps pretty tight wraps on set info, but I can tell you it will be a fairly limited production run, and that we also have most the actual Pulp Girls artists, as well as many more exciting creators, working on the set (several who are new to sketch cards, as well as some heavy hitters in the sketch card world)!!

That's right, hundreds of cards with eye-popping artwork from cool artists, based on our bad ass genre girls! No base cards, just sketch cards... guaranteed original artwork in every pack.
All killer, no filler!

Additionally, the Pulp Girls card set will be part of the "5finity Jam" card set, in tandem with Jim Mahfood's Mix Tape!

5finity card sets always sell out fast, so we'll post more info here as we can.
I can however tell you, we'll have a good portion of the release available directly once pre-orders are available.