Thursday, August 19, 2010

NOW PLAYING: Swiss Army Woman

Welcome to the Pulp Girls grindhouse!!!

In the future man will colonize Mars, and we'll also be showing all our Pulp Girls in the grindhouse theater, for virtual low-lives such as yourself (and Martian terraformers), completely free of charge!

Then, once a new feature goes up, and the theater grinds on, you'll be able to access old content, for pennies on the dollar!

So for now, kick back and enjoy our inaugural feature (beamed straight from future Mars?!?), the first adventures of a chick that's got a pocket knife for a leg...

Just click on the cover and your feature will begin!

And stay tuned for coming attack-tions featuring all of our many genre flavored Girls...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

PULP GIRLS sketch card packs

We have 10 unopened Pulp Girls sketch card packs left from the 5finity Jam 600 pack run, they are currently available via eBay at retail price ($24.99) HERE

Once these are gone, they are all gone.

UPDATE: Cards have completely sold out, thank you.