Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Live now on Kickstarter we have the latest Pulp Girls book - Swiss Army Woman.
Created and written by me/Jason Martin (Vampblade, Amalgama: Space Zombie, PRINCE-S STARthief) and featuring the kinetic artwork of longtime collaborator Marco Maccagni (Zombie Tramp, Vampblade, Road Trip to Hell, Monster M.D).

Regular cover A - Marco Maccagni

Chocolate Barons, Evil Bankers, and Giant Alien Clocks... all bent on world domination!! Good thing the Swiss Army have a special operative with every weapon, tool, or gadget their country requires... all attached to her right thigh!

Upon losing her leg in a freak ski accident in the Swiss Alps, a young woman is outfitted with top secret technology (that's all too familiar), and becomes a one woman weapons program...

Now, instead of returning to her normal life, she proudly fights to defend Swiss interests at home and abroad. She is any tool the Swiss need, for any job her nation requires...


It's Cherry Darling meets Batman The Animated Series by way of Switzerland!!

The Kickstarter features exclusive variant covers from:
Marco Maccagni, Catman, Josh Howard, Bill McKay, Edward Pun, and Boo Rudetoons

You can order your copies now HERE

Or you can pick up the regular edition of the book after the Kickstarter is fulfilled around March.

And we still have some limited inventory of the recent 2019 Swiss Army Woman preview book in the store.

2019 preview book
Be sure to get your copy of the latest action-packed dip into the expansive Pulp Girls universe of fun!