Tuesday, October 19, 2021

PRINCE-S STARthief issue 1 redux Kickstarter back issues ALMOST SOLD OUT

I will be offering add-ons for the STARthief issue 2 Kickstarter for any available covers from that issue or issue 1 once we're about to ship (which will be soon). But if you want any copies of issue 1 aside from the new Sun K cover, I suggest you get them quick as they are almost all gone!

Here's a list of what covers I have left (and the pricing) from the PRINCE-S STARthief issue 1 redux Kickstarter:

B blank sketch - $20

C Celor variant - $25

D Elsevilla variant - $35

F McKay variant - $50

G Pun variant - $30

H TMChu variant - $35

M McKay limited virgin variant - $50

N Pun limited virgin variant - $50

X Martin add-on variant - $20

Y Martin limited add-on variant - $100

*quantities are extremely limited

If any copies remain, I'll offer them as add-ons along with issue 2 when we ship issue 2 next month. I would anticipate that they will almost completely sell out at that time.

And if you're looking for copies of the issue 2 Kickstarter, everything that didn't sell out via the Kickstarter is still available for the that same pricing. VIEW ISSUE 2 HERE


Please copy the description for each of the issues you want and include them in an email sent to: jasinmartin@hotmail.com

And then I will reply with a confirmation PayPal invoice with your total for you to pay. Payment is via PayPal, and is secure. (Please include your PayPal email/ID if it is different from the email address you send from.)

Monday, June 21, 2021

Kickstarter: PRINCE-S STARthief issue 2 live now!

 PRINCE-S STARthief issue 2 is an ALL NEW 40 page extra-length comic book that picks up right where issue one left off. And it's available only on Kickstarter now!

The book is again written, colored, and lettered by Jason Martin (Swiss Army Woman, Vampblade, Amalgama: Space Zombie, Danger Doll Squad, ZombieTramp), and featuring the superb artwork (and silky smooth shading) of Winston Young (Vampblade, Amalgama: Space Zombie, Zombie Tramp)!

Every Pulp Girls Kickstarter offers a number of incredible eye-popping collectible covers and variants from talented and popular artists (as rewards, and stretch goal add-ons too).

PRINCE-S STARthief issue 2 features covers from the following artists (and more): 

  • Sun Khamunaki 
  • Winston Young
  • Igor Chimisso
  • Elsevilla
  • Conor Hughes 
  • Michael McComb
  • Bill McKay
  • Jose Varese

As well as some cool and unique rewards for the brand new PRINCE-S STARthief issue number two offered exclusively here on this Kickstarter!

The books are estimated to start shipping in October.

Be sure to check it out!

10/19/21 update: if you missed the Kickstarter, every cover that didn't sell out is still available for pre-order. Books should be ready for shipment in November.

Friday, May 14, 2021

PRINCE-S STARthief issue 1 redux Kickstarter books are here! / ADD-ONS, limited stock available.

 After some unfortunate delays, the PRINCE-S STARthief issue 1 (redux) Kickstarter books are completed and in stock!

If you ordered via the Kickstarter, hang tight. The books will start shipping over the next week.