Saturday, July 17, 2010

PULP GIRLS sketch cards out now!

The Pulp Girls sketch card set (one half of the 5finity Jam series, also featuring Jim Mahfood's mix tape) was released this week, but pre sold out completely by 5finity.

We did have a limited amount of "packs" available for pre sale here, and now only have 18 of those remaining up for grabs, which will be placed on eBay shortly (or email jason@superrealgraphics).

Here's a look at the final packaging artwork - some of our titular girls in action - created by myself and Ralph Neise:

Obviously an homage to Herb Trimpe's classic GI Joe issue number 1 cover art, for the original Marvel Comics series (a personal favorite book)!

Here also is the final artist list:

Ben Glendenning
Bryan Turner
Charles Holbert
Chris Mullins
Christian Sanhueza
Dan Mendoza
Daniel Logan
David Dwonch
David Harrigan
Dennis Budd
Deruykc Vincent
Edward Pun
Emily Martin
Frank Rapoza
Frankie B Washington
Greorge Webber
Grant Gould
Jason Martin
Javier Hernandez
Jeremy Treece
Jerry Carr
Jerry Gaylord
John Williams
Jose Jaro
Josh Howard
Justin Ridge
Justin Wayne
Lance Sawyer
Nicole Goff
Otis Frampton
Pennie Gaylord
Pete McDonough
Randy Kintz
Rashad Doucet
Remy Mokhtar
Ross Burt
Yassir Rasan

It was a lot of fun setting up this set with 5finity, and there were some truly amazing artists involved, and cards created.

You can view card samples in the Pulp Girls gallery HERE

A huge thanks to all the artists who worked on the set!

More Pulp Girls news to come very shortly!