SWISS ARMY WOMAN available now!

From the popular Kickstarter we ran from January to February - Swiss Army Woman issue 1 is now in stock and available to order if you missed that.

From Jason Martin (creator/writer/colorist) and artist Marco Maccagni (Zombie Tramp, Vampblade)! The books are heavy gauge and high gloss with 36 interior pages that include 27 story pages and an extras section only available in this edition.

Featuring 21 different covers:
L to R: covers A-H (and then the more limited versions of A-F)
Please visit my store to pick up limited stock on all of the different covers. Once these editions are gone, they're gone, and some items are very limited!
(We don't have stock on any of the Bill McKay variants, but visit his website and/or contact him for those -

You'll also notice a brand new cover by me that was not offered with the Kickstarter. The cover H homage to Planet Terror - the film that inspired it all!
Cover H - Jason Martin homage cover

You can pick up the books HERE

Get full info on Swiss Army Woman HERE

And stay tuned for our next Pulp Girls comic book Kickstarter launching soooooon!

NOTE: Kickstarter backers can add-on any items from the store, simply select the "Kickstarter ADD-ON" shipping option to skip shipping fees and add your items to your Kickstarter order/shipment.


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