Kickstarter: PRINCE-S STARthief REDUX live now!

The latest PULP GIRLS release - PRINCE-S STARthief redux is an all new 36 page comic book of over-the-top epic sci-fi shenanigans from writer Jason Martin (Swiss Army Woman, Vampblade, Amalgama: Space Zombie, Danger Doll Squad, Night of the 80s Undead, Super Real) and artist Winston Young (Vampblade, Amalgama: Space Zombie, Zombie Tramp) available to order via Kickstarter now!


The special Kickstarter over-sized first issue will include: an all new 32 page story (or more, depending on funding), plus behind-the-scenes material. And just as with each Pulp Girls Kickstarter, we have a number of amazing eye-popping covers and variants from talented and popular artists (both as rewards, and then as stretch goal add-ons too).

Featuring a regular cover by Winston (above), as well as several limited edition variant covers by popular artists:
  • Celor
  • Elsevilla
  • Michael McComb
  • Bill McKay
  • Edward Pun
  • TMChu
You can see each variant cover below!

As well as some cool and unique rewards for the brand new PRINCE-S STARthief issue number one offered here!

The Kickstarter is currently fully funded and will run until Wednesday 7/22 9PM EST!

Be sure to check it out!!


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