PRINCE-S STARthief issue 1 redux Kickstarter back issues ALMOST SOLD OUT

I will be offering add-ons for the STARthief issue 2 Kickstarter for any available covers from that issue or issue 1 once we're about to ship (which will be soon). But if you want any copies of issue 1 aside from the new Sun K cover, I suggest you get them quick as they are almost all gone!

Here's a list of what covers I have left (and the pricing) from the PRINCE-S STARthief issue 1 redux Kickstarter:

B blank sketch - $20

C Celor variant - $25

D Elsevilla variant - $35

F McKay variant - $50

G Pun variant - $30

H TMChu variant - $35

M McKay limited virgin variant - $50

N Pun limited virgin variant - $50

X Martin add-on variant - $20

Y Martin limited add-on variant - $100

*quantities are extremely limited

If any copies remain, I'll offer them as add-ons along with issue 2 when we ship issue 2 next month. I would anticipate that they will almost completely sell out at that time.

And if you're looking for copies of the issue 2 Kickstarter, everything that didn't sell out via the Kickstarter is still available for the that same pricing. VIEW ISSUE 2 HERE


Please copy the description for each of the issues you want and include them in an email sent to:

And then I will reply with a confirmation PayPal invoice with your total for you to pay. Payment is via PayPal, and is secure. (Please include your PayPal email/ID if it is different from the email address you send from.)


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